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Svaty Rochus

Svaty Morus

The forgotten Pain of a divided People

29.04.2021 14:30-16:00 Štvrtok

Miesto konania: Slovensko, Online

Interreligious Association for Peace and Development

The forgotten Pain of a divided People
New Prospects for Peace and Reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula” 

- Rev. Dr. William McComish
- Hon. Jan Figel
- Ms. Batool Subeiti
- Ms. Emina Frljak
- Prof. Brian Myers
- Rabbi Kevin De-Carli  


For over 70 years the Korean people have been divided by a cruel, artificial border along the 38th parallel. This deep scar in the world is one of the last remains of the Cold War and has to be addressed. The peace-loving Korean people have lived through a long history of tribulations by powerful neighbors. Unlike Germany, Korea was divided after World War II, despite the fact that it hadn’t caused any hostility.

The forgotten Pain of a divided People

Príloha: the-forgotten-pain-of-a-divided-people.pdf (1,41 MB)

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