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Bezhranicna Silvester 2019


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Seminar o. Maretta Zbav nas zleho III 2019

Global carnival - explore different countries by talking to natives

27.03.2019 18:00-19:30 Streda

Miesto konania: Bratislava, Dom QUO Vadis, Bratislava, Dom Quo Vadis, Veterná 1

Informal environment, relaxing atmosphere, new faces, and exclusive stories. It is a cultural explosion, a carousel of many countries right there in Bratislava! We would like to create this masterpiece together, so do not hesitate and be the part of it. Our offer includes a wide range of pallet colors! Meet your future soulmate, improve your English or other foreign language (stay tuned, you will find what a variety we have), increase your communication skills, create a base vocabulary list from the word "thank you" to "I love you", exchange foreign songs, food recipes, discuss a political situation, volunteering opportunities, country's history or weather! Hey, come to Quo Vadis on 27th of March at 18 o'clock and jump into our Global Carnival!

Global carnival - explore different countries by talking to natives

Organizátor: www

Akciu pridal/a: Ludovit Mydla, 5.3.2019 21:41


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