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Seminar o. Maretta Zbav nas zleho I 2020

Quiz night - the power of words

13.03.2019 18:00-19:30 Streda

Miesto konania: Bratislava, Dom QUO Vadis, Bratislava, Dom Quo Vadis, Veterná 1

Once upon a time Sheryl Sandberg said - “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” Therefore, if you’re offered to take part in our event “The Power Of Words”, don’t ask why! Just come!

Words have power with the ability to inspire, to harm, to humiliate, to humble or lead to healing. Words could change the way we think, create history, build bridges or even empower you.

Actor, musician, president, businessman, scientist, author, missionary, leader - consciously or unconsciously maintaining their influence by talking about certain things. Hundreds of thousands of phrases are spinning around, but the question is, who said them?

We are inviting you to the quiz where you are going to determine famous people quotes. Let's see how much your quote knowledge holds up in “The Power Of Words” quiz on 13th of March at 18 o’clock in Dom Quo Vadis. The team of 3 people (if you don’t have a team, we’ll arrange it on the spot, so no worries!)

Quiz night - the power of words

Organizátor: www

Akciu pridal/a: Ludovit Mydla, 5.3.2019 21:39


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